Benefits of balance bikes

A balance bike helps children learn balance and steering.
A balance bike teaches a child instinctively that it is leaning and body positioning that steer a bike, with handlebars just helping the process.
Learning to ride a balance bike gives your child the freedom to learn at their own pace without pressure to learn to balance immediately like on a pedal bike.

You heard about it but you are not sure if it is the right thing for your child?

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Products Springo bike

There comes a time for toddler's first independent ride. For little street cruisings, the joy of speed and taste of independence. Springo leads them into the wonderland of a wheel, to the discovery of their own physical skills.Simple and innovative, Springo's wooden frame works as a natural spring and at the same time encourages learning of leaning and body positioning. It offers great access to a child to ride a bike with pedals. Light and natural, eco friendly, designed with love and honesty, made in the country where wood is at home and the wheel was invented 5000 years ago. Springo offers small pleasure of DIY too: first wheel can be screwed by a child himself.

Why our balance bike is the right thing for your child?

Springo is an innovative balance bike. Simple wooden frame with smart engineering construction, crafted from two strips is just enough flexible and solid to ensure optimal suspension of toddler's moving, leaning of the bike and riding on the uneven surface.
Riding a balance bike with natural suspension is convenient, steering is easier and, most important, stimulates child's healthy posture. Suspension and  slightly rocking seat to the left and right allow toddler to transfer the weight in their pelvis and at the same time damping forces on the spine which appear by the ride on uneven surface. Due to minimalistic wooden design the balance bike is very easy to steer and light to carry it around when the child is too tired to cruise further with it.
Springo is a balance bike designed with love, wholly made in Slovenia with eco friendly materials.
And it's not only nice price product it is a little bit DIY too. First wheel can be screwed by a child himself.

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