Benefits of balance bikes

Why your child should ride a balance bike?

Confident walker and runner and about two years old? It's time your child starts playing with a balance bike.
A balance bike helps children learn balance and steering. No pedals. No drivetrain. Stabilisers are out - they only give false sense of security.
A balance bike teaches a child instinctively that it is leaning and body positioning that steer a bike with handlebars just helping the process.
A balance bike is fun. It is propelled by the rider walking, running, then rolling on their own until feeling comfortable enough to lift both feet off the ground and cruise while balancing on the two wheels. Learning to ride a balance bike gives your child the freedom to learn at their own pace without  pressure to learn to balance immediately like on a pedal bike.
Within a matter of months, a child as young as 2 can master the skills of balance, steering, and coordination with their feet off the ground. 
Once they will have lots of practice at braking and stopping, it will be time to teach them to ride a bike with pedals. To become real easy rider cyclist.

Why is a balance bike so unique?

What makes a balance bike so unique and in demand is the developmental
benefits that it provides to children.
The one skill that is needed to effectively learn to ride
a two-wheel pedal bike is balance.
Children who use a balance bike for 20-30 minutes twice a week
showed the following improvements:
  • Improvements in both static and dynamic balance.
  • Improvements in bilateral coordination.
  • Improvements in physical self-confidence.
A balance bike can be use on different terrain indoors or outdoors.
For example our balance bike can be use on pavements, grass but also on BMX tracks.

Children can start riding a balance bike from a very young age.
Many bikes are designed for age 2 years upwards. Your child can basically ride
a balance bike when he/she can put their foot flat on the ground.