Why choose Springo?

The development of a motor skills is very important, that's why parents want to provide optimal conditions for it. In this case it is very important which toys, bicycles, strollers and other things they choose or buy through a child's development.
In child's development it's very important that he learns all the functions he will need for motor and cognitive functions. Development of proprioception, coordination, weight transfer and balance are basics which a child should learn if he wants to transit from lower to higher position. For example from the stage of crawling to the four-legged position and then walking. When we walk it is very important that we have a good posture, that we can transfer weight to the left and right, move the pelvis.

The good side of »SPRINGO« is suspension and gently rocking of the seat left and right, which enables a child to transfer weight in the pelvis to the right and left. At the same time mitigates the forces on the spine that arise when running on uneven surfaces and through small edges. It
allows the child to train skills, coordination and balance. The good feature is also that it allows you to set the distance between the handlebars and the seat, because the good posture of a child is very important. While a child is sitting his posture must be upright, shoulders relaxed and not in a forced position, knees slightly bent, feet on the ground.

I'm very pleased with the idea of SPRINGO bike, allowing parents and children to work together. Parent and child cooperate. They do it together. The process encourages the child's cognitive development.

Sandra Fabjan, graduated physiotherapist,