► from 18 months to 3 years

► Kids can assemble it by themselves

► Helps develop children's mental and physical skills

► Wooden frame makes it very flexible

► Easy to lift and transport

► Adjustable seat height

► Ergonomic and safe to use
Wooden Balance Bike Springo has 12 inch wheels, a completely wooden frame, fork and handlebars,and a padded seat for comfort. Bike's weight is suitable for children from 18 months to 5 years of age.
Because we wanted the children to get involved in the construction of the bike to develop their manual dexterity and ingenuity, we created two separate instructions. One for the parents, so they can guide their child through the assembly and the other for the child, so she/he will feel a sense of achievement before even getting on the bike.

The second innovation we made is the natural suspension. This is the result of engineering used on wood from which the balance bike is made. Combining the developed design and wood type, we gained maximums results from our bike, which is reflected on the children’s health. Because we know that the most important part is to ensure good suspension while riding the bike we collaborated with Sandra Fabjan, M. Sc. who helped us in the field of neurophysiotherapy and physiotherapy. You can read her comment HERE.